Presentation Design Masterclass for Non-Designers

Learn how to communicate your ideas effectively. This course teaches design principles for creating beautiful, professional presentations. You’ll also learn how to structure your ideas and data to tell a story that will convince your audience. 

Who is this class for: This course will be helpful for almost anyone who delivers slide-based presentations in a professional or academic context. No previous design experience necessary.

Course Content

  • Presentation design that puts your audience first
  • The use of font and text formats for impact
  • Choosing Colours that evoke the desired emotion in your audience
  • The role of images and icons in effective presentations
  • Presenting complex data using tables, diagrams and charts
  • and more….

These principles can be applied using all the popular presentation software including PowerPoint and Keynote. This course assumes a working knowledge of presentation software.

The course can be provided on-demand to your organisation with customisations for your unique needs. You and your colleagues will leave the course with presentation slides and design elements that can be used again and again for all your future presentation design needs.

To schedule a class for your team or to join the next public workshop, click here or call 08033048990.

Presentation Design Services

Presentation design services range from improving an existing presentation to designing a presentation from scratch. We will create a custom slide deck in PowerPoint or Keynote using your brand elements.

Our services include creating all elements from scratch including icons, fonts and colour palette as required.

Click here to schedule a workshop today or to discuss your requirements.

Click here to schedule a workshop today or o discuss your requirements.