Digital Transformation Activation Package D-TAP

Are you losing sleep over your business technology? You’ve hired someone who set up your domain and email and perhaps a few systems but nothing seems to work smoothly. Every time you need something, you have to call the tech guy.

You have the data, but you have to get it out of three different systems and try to make sense of it using yet another platform.

You’ve been looking for technology to improve your customer services, reviewed proposals and made an investment. A year later you still don’t have a working system and the customer service problem is getting bigger.

Your team is getting bigger and you’re spending hours keeping up with everyone and making sure they have the most current information to do their work effectively.

Any of these sound familiar?

Let us help you find low-cost technology solutions for you business.

D-TAP is Technology consulting that puts your needs first. We focus on what you need to make your business more profitable and productive. We don’t get commissions from the technology providers… you pay for our honest evaluation and recommendations based on your unique requirements.

Technology to improve your business:

Using questionnaires and in-person interviews and observations, we will work with you to examine your business processes and identify where technology can be used to improve your business.

Because we know that even the best in class technology will not work if you don’t have the right business processes in place, we will review your business systems and assist with optimising your internal processes. This will then lead to recommendations on the best available low cost technology solutions for your business keeping in mind your desired outcomes.

We work with a wide network of partners to bring you the best available options for your needs.

This package is more suited to small businesses. For medium to large sized organisations, we offer custom services on request.